Franciscan Montessori Earth School and St. Francis Academy

Longitudinal Assessment Study (LAS)
Cycle 6 Survey

(Final Survey)

Most of you joined the LAS 15 or 16 years ago (a few joined three years later), in order to assess the effects of a Montessori education on development into adulthood. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of participation. Results from Cycles 3, 4, and 5 have been published through ERIC (Education Research Information Clearinghouse), as will be Cycle 6. You can find the citation information at

As in the past, all your answers are confidential; I only report group results. Your responses to the open ended questions are pasted into appendices, and any identifying information is changed or deleted.

The first two questions are required so I can keep track of who responds and follow-up if I am confused by a response. They will be stripped from the final data base in order to further protect your confidentiality.

First, the demographic questions.

1. What is your name? (Required)

[Last, First]

2. What is your email address? (Required)

3. What is your phone number?

4. How far have you gone in school?

Less than high school
High school graduate or GED
Undergraduate, attended, no degree
Undergraduate, 2 year degree
Undergraduate, 4 year degree
Graduate, attended, no degree
Masters Degree
Doctorate Degree

5. What is your marital status?

Single-never married

6. How many children (adopted or birthed) do you have?


7. Briefly describe your living situation (what kind of housing, who else lives with you and your relations to them, etc.).

8. What was your total income (before taxes) in 2001? Please do not count anyone else; I just want to know your own personal income.

9. How far do you plan to go with your formal education?

Less than a BS or BA (undergraduate degree)
Undergraduate degree (BA, BS)
Graduate school - attend but no degree
Graduate school - Masters degree (MA or MS)
Graduate school - Doctorate degree (Ph.D., Ed.D. etc.)

10. If you are in college, what is the name and city of your college?

11. What is your professional or career goal?

12. To the best of your memory, how many years in each of the following levels did you attend ANY Montessori school?

 Children's House
 Lower Elementary
 Upper Elementary
 SFA/Junior High

Now, the interesting Questions.

13. How much effect would you say your Montessori education has on who you are today?

No effect
A small but not important effect
Some effect
A medium effect
Strong effect

14. How often do you think of FMES?

Very Often

15. Do you think your parent(s) made the right decision long ago to send you to a Montessori school?

Very Wrong Decision...>....>....>....Very Right Decision 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

16. Why?

17. If you have children, are any enrolled (or are planning to enroll) at a Montessori school or a non-Montessori private school?

Enrolled in a Montessori school
Enrolled in a non-Montessori private school
Planning to enroll our infant in a Montessori school
Planning to enroll our infant in a non-Montessori private school

18. Think about the ways you approach your own education in general (not just in school). Does your approach to your education differ from the approaches of your friends? In what ways?

19. Are there any aspects of your personality or behavior that you would consider "Montessori-like?" Don't be too concerned over the definition of Montessori. Just use your remembered impressions of what Montessori promotes in terms of one's personal life.

Thank-you! Please make sure you have answered the first two questions before you submit this survey.